Are Friends Piezoelectric? Sticky and Speculative Recipes for Ambient Energy Harvesting.

Miranda and friend of Regenerative Energy Communities, Urs Gaudenz, displayed recent research into piezoelectric energy harvesting, as well as giving a masterclass, at Refresh Festival at ZHDK, Zurich.

"Investigating the field of Energy Harvesting from an holistic perspective, they will unfurl their practice of kitsch kitchen bioelectrochemistry, which aims to agitate knowledge hierarchies and shift collective energy imaginaries. In this masterclass, we will explore hands-on, tastebuds-in experiments together, and see how it feels to situate ourselves as Energy Custodians, tending to the diverse and intertwingled forces we live amongst, while investigating the possibilities of alternate electro-futures based on compassion, tenderness and care, instead of extraction and exploitation. Also, it will be delicious."

The Festival, curated by Maike Thies, describes itself as addressing "pressing issues at the intersection of the arts, design and technology in keynotes, masterclasses and a multi-layered exhibition. International designers, artists and researchers will provide insights into their work and discuss it with the interested public. The critical topics of this year's edition are «Immersive Journalism», «Design Realities», «Future Technologies», «Worldbuilding», and «New Ecologies»."