Collection of REC concepts and lingo

Throughout our work we have come across terms and concepts that are useful, frustrating and/or challenging to articulate. We wanted to list and discuss few of these terms here. This is not intended as a Linnean style categorical naming of things. Rather, these evolving entries are “In History”, to cite Jamaica Kincaid’s powerful essay on the topic of naming and categorizing. In this case, the (very short!) history of our project and its own relationship to terms that have both a history and present in the way they get taken up in our mouths, our practices and so on. From time to time we might update our thoughts on a concept as our relationship to it changes or evolves. At certain times, new words and expressions have emerged where we felt we didn’t have the language for things we were doing. These words, like the others, become part of the evolving lingo of our project.

This collecting of terms was originally inspired by being asked to produce two glossary entries for the Plants By Numbers book. We also hope to include guest entries from collaborators when the opportunities arise!