Poster for Loose energy curriculum event with details of the event written up in glossily baroque grayscale and pink punk fonts against assortments of tech and microscopic offerings

Hackteria, Swiss Mechatronic Art Society and Regenerative Energy Communities present: Loose Energy Curriculum at the Humuspunk Library

DIY Microscope Workshop / Microqueerness Mapping / Low voltage⚡High Energy Audio Visual Performances / Open Interactive Jamsession

with Paula Pin BioTranslab ⚡ Oliver Jäggi ⚡ Helmi Hardian ⚡ Marc Dusseiller ⚡ Helen V. Pritchard ⚡ Urs Gaudenz Gaudi Labs ⚡ VJ @ Vali_Ship ⚡ Ralf Schreiber⚡ Miranda Moss ⚡ & more special guests...

AIA Gallery, 2 August 2023, 14:00-21:00

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14:00-17:30: DIY microscope workshop + micro-queerness mapping with Paula Pin & Hackteria

18:00-21:00: Performance by Omega Attraktor, followed by open AV performances with SGMK on the micro(be) energy level 

Workshop sign up and more info: