Building on the trajectory of the suffix “-punk”, where futuristic genres of fiction grapple with alternative technologies and their effects on societies, Regenerative Eenergy Communities offers “humuspunk” as an attempt to name a break away from present takes on the -punk genre, such as “solarpunk” and its often overly clean, ordered, Computer-Aided Design-ed and systemetized ecomodernist futures. Humuspunk grounds any imagined futures in the living, breathing, drinking, eating, farting, composting matter we call soil (humus: Latin for earth, ground). It is a space for embracing grimy creativity and the fermenting revolt of punk makings as they can emerge in a plurality of forms and spaces, where the aesthetics and practices of jugaad, kludges, gambiarra and Appropriate Technologies acknowledge their rootedness in the soil.

(Regenerative Energy Communities, Aug 2022)