Welcome to Regenerative Energy Communities! Based in Växjö, Sweden, this project explores how current energy paradigms can be challenged by energy approaches that work with agroecology and regenerative agriculture's central commitment of not only maintaining but actively reviving and enhancing the health and resilience of local ecosystems.

The project engages members of the public interested in the crucial problems of contemporary energy practices through creative, community-inspired experiments with alternative approaches to energy provision. This can include local farmers, growers and energy enthusiasts, but also anyone interested in collectively exploring what possible forms a regenerative energy practice might take.

Through our ongoing Energy and Agriculture Open Labs, podcast series, and free to replicate small-scale prototypes, we hope to collectively experiment with and share a range of regenerative energy practices and principles able to generate new and challenging perspectives on energy provision aimed at supporting socioecological transformation.


Anyone interested in engaging with issues of alternative energy and farming are welcome to visit our weekly Energy & Agriculture Open Lab meetups in Växjö, Sweden. Running from 3-6pm on Tuesday afternoons, the open lab is a place for discussion, questions and hands-on tinkering and sharing of ideas around alternative approaches to energy and agriculture.

Occasionally we run planned workshops during these afternoons, including workshops by invited speakers and workshop hosts. See the calendar for upcoming dates.


Our Project is partly located within VXO Farmlab, who describes themselves as: "a collective experimental urban farm space that explores local food economies, resilient food networks and regenerative cultural flourishings." Find out more about them on their Facebook page.

Upcoming events

1 Feb, 15:00-18:00
Energy + Agriculture Open Lab - prototyping with mycelium (pt.1)

8 Feb, 15:00-18:00
Energy + Agriculture Open Lab - prototyping with mycelium (pt.2)

26 Feb, 21:40
Presentation for “Arts of Closure” panel at AAG conference

26 March (tbc)
Collaborative workshop with Klimatneutral Växjö for Växjö municipality’s Earth Week

20-22 May (tbc)
3-day rural design-a-thon festival hosted by Lära om arkivet (Re-learning the archive) and Regenerative Energy Communites!

7 June
Presentation for “Soils as sites of emergency and transformation” workshop at Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference


Stay tuned for our Regenerative Energy Communities Podcast! We will be interviewing and curating discussions with practitioners working within concepts of regenerative design, sustainable agriculture, alternative energy systems and bio-friendly technologies.


The project will involve prototyping experiments aimed at exploring what forms regenerative energy alternatives might take. This will include creative, community-inspired experiments with a series of low-cost, open-source microgeneration energy sources that can be readily reproduced and inspire further new perspectives on energy alternatives.

So far, we have been working on wind turbines grown from mycelium and making electricity and fertilizer from urine. Watch this space for documentation so you can make your own regenerative technology prototypes that will work in your agricultural setting.

Share your Energy With us!

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Regenerative energy communities is a 3 year long research project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, as part of their program People, Energy Systems and Society (MESAM), and is a collaboration between Linnaeus University (Department of Design+Change), Linköping University (Department of Technology & Social Change) and Plymouth University (i-DAT)