Poster for Poetichemistry of Soils open lab with radiating rainbows and bubbly text information

Poetichemistry of Soils Chromatography Workshop with Special Guest Oliver Jäggi - Regenerative Energy Communities Open Lab

Circular Soil Chromatography is a somewhat poetic way of gleaning information about what's going on in the dirt, using an old-school photographic developing process, and requiring a qualitative analysis method akin to reading tea leaves. We have never done this before, so this will be a DIO / LIT (Do it Ourselves / Learn it Together) summer holiday workshop.

Thankfully we'll have Oliver Jäggi joining us, who also works with big fancy chromatography machines in a chemistry lab that manifests big fancy data, and so we'll be thinking about the tensions around different forms of sensing and analysing our environments too, while the soil-as-photographer manifests nice artworks for us to decode.

Bring a tablespoonful of soil that you would like to analyse or that you think would give interesting results!

More info on and directions to the Open Lab can be found here:

Oliver Jäggi is a Zürich-based musician, chemist, synthesiser enthusiast and workshopologist, working in the city's water protection laboratory and with the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society