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New writing!

Following our 2030m³ event held earlier this year and subsequent discussions and reflection on the event in a soil studies panel at the NESS conference, very happy to share details of a chapter written for the upcoming Plants By Numbers collection (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2023), edited by our very own Helen Pritchard and their co-editor Jane Prophet. Titled "Tending to 2030m³: How to regenerate regeneration? How to unasphalt asphalt?", the chapter works through questions of regeneration as they came up in different ways during the process of holding a collaborative, site specific workshop. More details in the abstract below and just to add that the other contributions to the book sound excellent!

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This chapter is an account of a day-long collaborative workshop held in Växjö, Sweden, for the municipality’s earth week series of events in March 2022. Titled Regeneration 2030m3, the workshop was an attempt to work collaboratively with Hofs Lifs’ ongoing proposal to transform a roughly 2000m² parking lot in Växjö city centre to a space for climate neutral, community-centred production of food by the year 2030. The workshop proposed to do so by working hands-on with tools of regenerative farming, carpentry, DIY electronics, soil science and further materials in order to collectively address how a parking lot might be remade into a regenerative space for community agriculture and cultivation. In this account of the framing, planning and events of the day, we have focused on the uncertain complications, tensions and energies that spilled out of the the event and its collaborative engagements with practices and questions of soil regeneration.

Helen and Smaranda standing outdoors in front of a table full of bubble bioremediation tea components
Bioremediation station

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